Franklin County Precincts

BATESVILLE                                                    Batesville High School (Auditorium)

                                                                          24065 State Road 46

                                                                          Batesville, IN 47006

BATH                                                                Bath Conservation Club

                                                                          3102 Bath Road

                                                                          Bath, IN 47010


BLOOMING GROVE                                        Blooming Grove VFD

                                                                          15025 Stone Church Road

                                                                          Brookville, IN 47012 

BROOKVILLE ONE                                          The Schilling Center

                                                                          900 Mill Street

                                                                          Brookville, IN 47012

BROOKVILLE TWO                                          Emmanuel Baptist Church

                                                                          10066 Oxford Pike

                                                                          Brookville, IN 47012

BROOKVILLE THREE                                      The Schilling Center

                                                                          900 Mill Street

                                                                          Brookville, IN 47012

BROOKVILLE FOUR                                        American Legion

                                                                          1290 Fairfield Avenue 

                                                                          Brookville, IN 47012

BROOKVILLE FIVE                                          American Legion

                                                                          1290 Fairfield Avenue

                                                                          Brookville, IN 47012

BUTLER                                                            St. Mary's Hall

                                                                          17440 St. Mary's Road

                                                                          Batesville, IN 47006


FAIRFIELD                                                        Masonic Lodge

                                                                          9004 Tremont Place

                                                                          Brookville, IN 47012

HIGHLAND ONE                                               St. Peter's Grade School

                                                                          12098 St. Peter's Road

                                                                          Brookville, IN 47012


HIGHLAND TWO                                              Cedar Grove VFD

                                                                          605 2nd Street

                                                                          Cedar Grove, IN 47016

LAUREL                                                            Laurel Community Center

                                                                          218 North Clay Street

                                                                          Laurel, IN 47024 

METAMORA                                                     Metamora Church of God

                                                                          20124 U.S. Highway 52

                                                                          Laurel, IN 47024

OLDENBURG                                                   Oldenburg Eagle Fire Department

                                                                          3030 Pearl Street

                                                                          Oldenburg, IN 47036

POSEY                                                              Northwest Community Center

                                                                          27201 U.S. Highway 52

                                                                          Rushville, IN 46173


RAY ONE                                                          Oldenburg Eagle Fire Department

                                                                          3030 Pearl Street

                                                                          Oldenburg, IN 47036

RAY TWO                                                         St. John's Church

                                                                          2215 County Line Road

                                                                          Greensburg, IN 47240


SALT CREEK ONE                                           St. Anne Church

                                                                          5267 North Hamburg Road                         

                                                                          Oldenburg, IN 47036

SALT CREEK TWO                                          Haytown Hill Pentecostal Church of God

                                                                          9178 State Road 229

                                                                          Metamora, IN 47030


SPRINGFIELD                                                  Drewersburg VFD (Mt. Carmel)

                                                                          8014 Springfield Road

                                                                          Brookville, IN 47012                                                 

WHITEWATER ONE                                         Drewersburg VFD

                                                                          3072 Drewersburg Road

                                                                          West Harrison, IN 47060 

WHITEWATER TWO                                        New Trenton VFD

                                                                          5138 Depot Street

                                                                          New Trenton, IN 47035




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